Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Linguistics and Literature

So, I'm a wannabe English major this term, as I take some more courses in English to prove my worth, and apply for official status as an English major for May 2008. I'm taking six courses, and it's a lot of fun.

As I chatted with my prof this morning before class (Intro to Semiotics), I learn that it's not recommended to take more than 4 English courses a term because of all the reading. And I'm in six. Go me. Still, that I'm achieving an overall average this term of 75 (the minimum for an honours English) should still say something, I hope.

This week is fun, because I get all the midterms and essays back that were due the Thursday and Friday before reading week. So that's four midterms and two essays. Plus the other essays for some other courses that have just taken longer to mark because those classes are larger. More marks for my sample space. Lotsa fun. Apparently for one of my essays, I took too much of a Linguistic approach, versus the Literature approach that was required. Despite the fact that my essay was described as being "clearly structured and well-written". But from the generous amount of comments throughout the essay itself, I suppose it's rather deserved. Lots of holes in my statements. Serves me right for writing things last-minute. The prof continues to write, "I know that you have just transferred into English, and the learning curve might be a steep one." Steep learning curve indeed.

But I'm learning, so I'm happy. And I'm still vaguely confident that I can get my over-75 average for the term. (Relatively effortless compared to the theorems and proofs I've had to learn and acquire for those 3rd-year pmath courses.) Still, essay-writing is the staple of the English department, and I still have a ways to go until I properly master the Essay for Literature (as opposed to my beloved Linguistics).

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