Friday, January 16, 2009

German Club

Today I decided to check out the German Club on campus, at the email (and then a personal) invitation from the coordinator of the club. Although not too much was spoken auf Deutsch, we were given the opportunity to practise it via the ice-breaker game.

The game involved asking 20 questions, where we had to get others to help us figure out whose [famous person's] name was taped to our backs. It's a great way of practising simple questions: "Am I a wo/man? Am I living? Am I German? Am I young?" all these things are within the vocabulary of a German 101 course. And, I'm proud to say, I managed to use German where I could. Of course, those who actually spoke German were able to lose me in their conversation, but apparently, because I showed up to their club, I've gained immunity from their non-German speaking exclusion act.

Still, the act of being in an environment where German is spoken/expected to be spoken forced an active recall of that buried and dusty mental lexicon that had been relatively dormant for over 3 years. Beyond the basic conjugation table of "I am, [thou art,] s/he is, they are, etc." I really haven't accessed anything meatier, such as the crucial realm of die Verben. So all in all, it was a good linguistic revitalization. And I got to meet some interesting people to boot! Yay~

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